January Driving Test Goals New Year Resolution

I want to get my full driving licence this year!

That is a very common new year's resolution that I hear as a driving instructor and many of my learner students have gone on to achieve the dream, but more often I see a lot of people who were full of enthusiasm at the beginning of the year never achieve their goal, so here are some tips to help you be among one of the successful ones in the year 2019.

  1. Write your goals down and display somewhere you can see it on a daily basis.
    Nowadays our mobile phone seems to be one of the most important things in our live, so PIN your goals on your twitter profile, have it as a wallpaper, etc. You need a daily reminder of your driving resolution.
  2. Make achieving your goal a priority above less important things. Passing the driving test  will cost you money, so you might need to give up going clubbing, buying a new phone, getting that outfit or attending a concert! All these things can be done later, and having a full driving licence can improve your chances of getting better paid employment which means you win in the long run.
  3. Challenges will come along the way, so refer to step one and remind yourself of why you made the New Year's resolution in the first place. Be prepared to go the extra mile and work on any weaknesses

  4. Take your time and don't compare yourself with anyone else. A common thing I've noticed as a driving instructor is many learners compare themselves to their peers and expect to take the same time or less lessons to achieve a pass. This will not always be so, sometimes you might have difficulties with a specific skill and will need to put in extra effort and hours to clear the hurdle!
  5. Finally don't quit! I have never seen a learner not get their licence as long as they don't give up. The most amount of attempts my learners have had at passing the driving test has been 7 attempts, but I know of people who have taken 15. A few years down the line, the number of attempts will not matter, it might even make you a safer driver as you will appreciate the work, money and effort it took to achieve success.
I will you all the best with your driving lessons and hope to see you on the road soon, all the best.

  Important! If you are not learning to drive with an instructor, it is important that BOTH you and the person teaching you to drive read The DSA official test guide, this book will greatly increase your chance of passing the driving test without spending too much money on lessons.