Driving Test In Rush Hour Is Hard

I have mentioned previously about booking a driving test in rush hour, and recently I saw a case of a learner driver failing on a simple mistake at a junction just outside a driving test centre!

I had been invited by the test candidate to sit in the back of the car, so I actually witnessed the driving error first hand, which probably would not have occured if the test was not being done at 08.07am in the morning.

Immediately after coming out of the test centre, the learner had been instructed to take the next road on the right which would mean we are turning from a major road to a minor one. Unfortunately the provisional licence holder was intimidated by other drivers who were in a hurry to either get to work or drop children off at school and stopped in the middle of the road despite having priority!

One of the main things that you have to deal with when taking a driving test during rush hour is the bad attitude of other road users, some even think that learners should not be on the highway just because they are in hurry and did not leave early enough.

The UK driving test is tough enough as it, and a learner does not need the extra pressure, so take my advice if you want a better chance of passing DO NOT book your driving test during rush hour especially in places like London, Birmingham.

Important! If you are not learning to drive with an instructor, it is important that BOTH you and the person teaching you to drive read The DSA official test guide, this book will greatly increase your chance of passing the driving test without spending too much money on lessons.