DSA to change motocycle driving test 2011 or 2012

The department of transport (DSA is an executive office) is planning a trial which could see the present 2 part motocycle riding test being replaced with a new single on the road riding assessment.

This follows a report recently published from work carried out by the department for transport with motorcycle groups, instructor training organisations and other bodies since June 2010.

The current DSA motorcycle test is currently carried out in two separate stages, first an off road element which involves carrying out maneuvers and a 30 minute on the road test where the candidate is followed from behind by a DSA examiner and given directions/instructions via radio link.

One of the new initiatives which has been suggested is a new hazard avoidance manoeuvre which subject to further trialling, could be carried out on the road as opposed to in a test centres car park.

The next step will be to for the DSA to hold wider trials across the UK using real test-level candidates, which will then be followed by a public consultation on the proposed changes just as was the case with independent driving on the car test.

If all goes according to plans, then it is possible that the DSA will be introducing the new motorcycle tests by the end of 2011 or early 2012.

The current 2 part DSA motorcycle test was introduced in April 2009.

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