Driving Test talking Examiner

If you are one of those that like to talk, I would like to give you an important piece of advice, don't talk to the DSA Examiner during the 40 minutes of the practical car driving test.

There is nothing wrong with chating to the test examiner, but from my experience of learners during driving lessons, they easily get carried away especially if talking about a subject that they really like, and this results in them commiting driving errors serious or not which will still be marked on the DL25 report sheet and might even result in a failure.

It is therefore in your own interest to keep your mouth shut, concentrate on the driving test and get the full UK licence you are after no matter what a nice person the examiner might seem to be, as you can't blame them for failing you if you make a mistake, know your weaknesses, and let someone else do the talking to the examiner, not you.

Important! If you are not learning to drive with an instructor, it is important that BOTH you and the person teaching you to drive read The DSA official test guide, this book will greatly increase your chance of passing the driving test without spending too much money on lessons.


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