Passing the driving test vs Learning to drive

There is a difference between learning to drive a car, and passing the UK driving test. While you need to learn how to drive a car in order to pass the driving test, just because you have been learning to drive with your dad, mum, a family member or a friend does not mean that you are going to pass the driving test when the time comes for you to face the dsa examiner.

It is also particularly important for foriegn interntional driving licence holders to understand this because you will not pass the driving test if you've just arrived from India for example with 10 years experience on the road, passed the theory test at your first attempt and then put in straight for and book the practical test without first finding out what criteria is required by the DSA examiner. You need more than being able to get from A to B in a car. You need to drive the car in a safe manner, the keyword being SAFE, and you need to know what the DSA means by safe, because you might be surprised by the answer to that question which is why the current UK driving test only has a 40% pass rate.

Learning to Drive a Car

Anyone who knows how to drive will probably be able to teach a complete beginner provisional licence holder how to drive a car, show them how to carry out the 4 manuevers that one might be asked on the driving test, and even convience them that they are now at the standard required, but the truth is that the candidate will most likely fail if they attempt the test without taking advice from a driving instructor mainly because the teacher who taught them to drive only showed them how to drive a car based on his/her standard of driving and not up to date training information from the DSA which a fully qualified, current department of transport approved ADI would possess.
If you want to learn to drive without an instructor, then get your supervisor to get a copy of the book supervising a learner driver published by the AA. This will guide them on how to get you drive at the required DSA test standard, and thus increase your chances of passing the driving test at your first attempt.

Passing the Driving Test
The key to passing the UK driving test is first knowing what the DSA standard is for all the key skills that will be tested during the 40 minutes, get taught these skills to the required standard preferably by someone who can drive consistently at that standard and pass the test themselves, and then practise these skills until you can do them comfortably at the drop of a hat without any help or prompts from your supervising driver.

For example do you know that it is not acceptable as far as the DSA is concerned to use the rear view mirror to check behind the car while carrying out a reversing manuever on the test! Now if your dad had taught you how to drive, it is most likely what you will do unless corrected by a driving instructor!
Do you know when it is appropriate to use the horn during the UK driving test?
Can you adjust your mirrors to carry out the bay parking or reverse round the corner exercise. Can you stop the car during the test if you are really nervous and need to take a quick break to gather your thoughts or a quick sip of water because you are very thirsty.

All these questions and much more advise about the local examiners can be gotten from an experienced fully qualified driving instructor, so make sure you do everything within your power to gain the essential practical as well as theoritical knowledge needed to pass one of the world's hardest driving tests.

Important! If you are not learning to drive with an instructor, it is important that BOTH you and the person teaching you to drive read The DSA official test guide, this book will greatly increase your chance of passing the driving test without spending too much money on lessons.

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