Driving Test - Commit Suicide

Why on earth would you think of committing suicide because you haven't passed the UK driving test?

It does not matter how many attempts you have made at getting a full British licence, you are not a failure, more importantly not being able to drive a car manual or automatic unsupervised should in no way make your life less valuable. Even if your job or a promotion depended on passing the DSA test, suicide is just a sign of how easily you have given up on life. If you really want it, there is nothing that should be able to stand in your way, and irrespective of costs, number of times an examiner has said no, if you put your mind to it, you will do it.

You are not a failure, unless you throw in the towel. Some have taken 10, 15, 100 attempts at getting a pass, spent thousands of pounds, and there is nothing in life like finally achieving that goal after what seemed like so many failures.

Rather than thinking of committing suicide, think about the many other things you have achieved in life, and dream of the day when you will also get that pink licence, go and pick up your first car, let the roof down, and drive into the summer sunset. Suicide is not an option for those who really want to succeed.

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Anonymous said...

"Suicide is not an option for those who really want to succeed."

Sweet sentiment, but if you know a damn thing about the psychology behind people with suicidal thoughts, you wouldn't flood the internet with such bullshit.

Lots of suicidal people LONG for happy successful lives, but a lot of the time (usually due to stress in more than one area of their live) it seems unattainable in their minds, no matter how much they want it, and its not their fault either - its down to an evil disorder in their minds.

Would you say 'not eating is NOT an option' to someone with an eating disorder? Thought not - they're not just going to randomly think 'hahahaha I'm so stupid, its so obvious now, thanks for the advice' and wolf down a 3 course dinner. They need to go through SO MUCH to get to that point. So how is it different? A suicidal person won't just suddenly think 'IM GOING TO SUCCEED, THEREFORE I CHOOSE LIFE'. It can take people MONTHS or even longer of recovery to get to that step.

Whoever wrote this is disgusting and VERY immature. I hope one day you bother to do some research and realise how sick and hurtful your little site is.

Anonymous said...

And to anyone who is feeling like committing suicide, ignore this twat.

There ARE people out there who are in/have been in your situation.

If you're not ready to see a doctor or therapist, that's perfectly understandable. There is a lot of helpful reading on the internet through support sites, also forums and chat rooms where you can discuss your problems with people just like you, who'll listen.

You can even use fake names and locations if you like. I promise you can get through this, using REAL advice, not the type this moron seems to enjoy dishing out.

Good luck, you're so brave. *hugs* :)

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