Failed driving test?

Have you recently failed to pass the driving test here in the UK, and are feeling disappointed and discouraged, then maybe you can take comfort in the story of the Korean woman who took 950 attempts to pass the theory test.

If you really want to pass the driving test and get that full british pink licence, then you can not allow failure to cause you to give up on your dream even if it is costing you a lot of money. Go back to taking driving lessons, find as many test tips as you can, taking note of them, practise with family members or friends if you can the things your instructor has taught you, read the highway code to make sure you know the rules of the road and are confident with who has the right of way at various junctions, can recognise road signs but don't consider yourself a failure or stupid because you find the DSA practical car assessment difficult, keep giving it your best effort, but what ever you do, DON'T GIVE UP.

Success could be yours after the next attempt, if you continue just like the Korean pensioner and if necessary keep your efforts secret from anyone who has a negative effect or will discourage you from achieving your goal, this is your dream, and it is up to you to do all you can to pass this driving test and you too could soon be driving a car such as the volvo shown below unsupervised.

Finally I would advice that you think twice when booking cheap driving lessons to pass the test. There are a few people out there operating illegally, who can't give you the adequate training required to reach the standard expected by the DSA examiner. You are better off paying a bit more for a fully qualified instructor (check the ADI badge) who has a reputation to protect.

Important! If you are not learning to drive with an instructor, it is important that BOTH you and the person teaching you to drive read The DSA official test guide, this book will greatly increase your chance of passing the driving test without spending too much money on lessons.

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