Driving Theory Test

Passing the dsa driving theory test is no indication that you will pass the practical driving test especially for those foreign licence holders who have learnt to drive with standards that are far below those expected here in the UK by the dsa driving examiner.

The theory test which consists of a multple choice 50 question first part and a hazard perception section where you need to watch 15 video clips and click on the mouse to show you have identified potential/developing hazards on the road should not be difficult for someone who has had 10 years driving in a foreign country, but when it comes to the practical driving test, things are much different, and you can not expect to pass this driving test without taking professional tuition from a driving instructor.
The mistake most people make that have passed the theory test is they think that they can forget all the knowledge acquired because it won't be required for the practical element, and they have a theory test pass certificate to prove that they are half way to getting their full driving licence!

Being able to identify road signs, knowing the correct stopping distances for various speeds or knowing which traffic to giveway to at a roundabout is knowledge that needs to be applied while driving on the road, so you need to continually read the highway code to keep the information fresh in your mind for the practical test. Failure to apply this simple principle means you would not be able to fufil the dsa examiner's requirements, and thus not pass the driving test.

Many people also know that it is hard controlling a car, while at the same time thinking about which gear to select for a junction, looking to see if it is safe to emerge while still applying MSM! This is why you need to have enough driving lessons to make sure these skills are natural to you and flow smoothly while driving. Don't take it for granted that because you scored 43 out of 50, and in the HPT 44 out of 75 or higher, that the practical test will be a walk over since you can drive a car from A to B, have not had an accident in 10 years. You must know what the test standard is, what errors you will be marked against, and what are serious ones that you need to avoid in order to pass. All of this information is freely available from the DSA website, or there are books that you can buy to read and prepare with, so you don't have an excuse for arriving at a test centre with sub standard skills or a car that dosen't meet the test requirements.

Do you know what the top 10 reasons for failing the driving test are?


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