Under pressure on driving test

If you want to pass the driving test, then you can not allow yourself to be pressurised by other road users while you are undergoing the dsa practical car assessment with the driving examiner.

As you would know from the many experiences you have faced during your driving lessons while preparing for the test, other road users can not be bothered to be patient with learner drivers, they will tailgate you, intimidate you by revving their engines, beep their horns and just generally be a nuisance to you. This will not change while you are out on your driving test, so you need to start getting used to not getting under pressure when you come across these road users during your lessons. The earlier you know how to deal with this kind of pressure, the better the chance you have of passing the driving test.

Even if the people know you are on a driving test, not many of them are still going to be understanding, as they are usually too in a hurry to get where they are going, but this must not be allowed to affect your driving during the 40 minutes you are in the car with the DSA examiner.
At junctions, you must not emerge (especially when turning right) until it is safe to do so (suitable gaps on both sides of the road), no matter what the cars in front of you do, or how long it takes for you to find a safe gap.
Don't increase your speed just because there is a car close behind you going fast, you must consider the prevailing conditions and drive accordingly.

Whatever you do during the driving test, if you want to pass, you must continue to remain safe and follow the highway code. Other road users already have their full british licence and can do what they like, but you can't afford that luxury with the dsa examiner in the car, so only do what is legal and safe. Even going 1 mph over the speed limit is not allowed, as that could be the excuse the driving examiner needs to fail you (I don't know about driving test quotas, but you can only be failed if you do something serious or dangerously wrong), so don't do it even if a friend did the same thing on their test and got away with it (hitting the kerb for example while doing the reverse parking manoeuvre).

So in summary, you will pass the driving test if you do what the dsa examiner wants to see, and don't bow to pressure from other road users but follow the advice you been given by your instructor or supervising driver.

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