DSA Examiner keeps record of driving test attempts

I was speaking to a learner driver preparing for the driving test yesterday, and he was mentioning the fact that dsa driving examiners keep record of the number of times a candidate has taken the practical car test, and that the more the number, the harder they make the test!

This is just another one of those myths that seem to go around concerning the DSA UK driving test. The local test centre examiners do not keep records of individuals that have attempted to pass the driving test, and they treat each assessment on what the driver does on the day.
It is possible that an examiner might remember a candidate from a previous visit, but they can't use that against the learner driver during the current test.

It doesn't matter how many times you've taken the test, you need to focus on the task at hand, forget about previous attempts and treat this driving test as if it were your first. You need to be confident that you've learnt from previous driving mistakes, and that you have now gained the necessary skills required to be allowed on the british roads unsupervised.

If anyone is keeping records of driving test attempts, then it is you, not the dsa examiner.


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