One driving test mistake

All it takes is one serious or dangerous test mistake for you not to pass the driving test, and the dsa examiner will ignore how good your driving has been up to that point.

It is for this reason that the current UK driving test only has a national average pass rate of only 40% for the over 1.5 million practical car assessments that are given each year.

You as a learner driver should therefore not get into the habit of classifying some of your driving mistakes during lessons as only minor errors, as all it takes is some other road user to be affected by your actions and it becomes a serious mistake that fails you on the driving test.

While the dsa driving examiner is not expecting a perfect no error drive, you should go to the assessment with the mindset and intention of making no mistakes, and this is only possible if you've had enough practice and are confident with your manoeuvres.

Driving test mistakes can cause you to fail, so take professional advice, practise and know what is required for the various scenarios that you might encounter out on the road, including being able to drive up to 70mph on a dual carriageway, deal with junctions and roundabouts, recognise road signs/markings and obey traffic lights (no rush to beat a red light for example).

The higher the number of times you have done a particular test maneuver, dealt with a junction or roundabout, driven on a dual carriageway, the better and confident you will be, and this means the less likely you will make a mistake, with your chances of passing the driving test increased, and thus achieving your goal of getting a full british licence in the post.

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