Signals on Driving Test

Here are some driving test tips that should help you with your signalling decisions (use of indictors) on the UK driving test. Remember that the dsa examiner will mark incorrect use of signals on the DL25 report sheet, and it is possible to fail the practical car assessment for wrong use of indicators.

1. You should always signal at a junction during the driving test, irresective of if it is a compulsory left or right turn. This also applies to whether a car is around or not when you get to the junction.

2. Remember to signal left to leave a major roundabout. The timing of the signal should be right, and not misleading, and is as you go past the exit before the one you need. So if coming off at the 3rd exit, you will put your indicators for turning left as you go past the 2nd exit.

3. You should not be using your indicators during maneuvers on the test, as there should be nobody around to benefit from them when the car moves. Use of the reverse and brake lights to inform other road users of your intentions is however required. Your driving instructor's advice should be followed here, especially for the reverse parking exercise.

4. Don't get into the habit of always signalling right to move off from a parked position on the left. While the DSA driving examiner can not penalise you for this, if you forget to cancel the signal or the timing leads to confusion for other road users, it could cost you the driving test. If there are cars approaching from behind, and there is not a safe gap, don't signal to come out, wait till they've gone or a safe gap appears, and you can move off without signaling.

5. You should always signal when changing lanes on a dual carriageway or any other road with more than one lane travelling in the same direction.

I hope you've found all of these tips useful, and that they help in your quest to pass the driving test, if so your comments are always welcome, and don't forget to share this information with your mates who are also learners.

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