Listen to driving instructor advice

This might seem an obvious driving test tip, but I must stress that if you really want to have a good chance of passing the uk driving test, then you need to listen to the advice given to you by a DSA approved driving instructor.

From experience, I know that a lot of learner drivers think that when ever an ADI says you are not ready for the test, they think that the instructor says this only because they want more driving lessons and money from you! If you are told to postpone a test, you should ask the question why, and find out what it is you have to do to be in a better position to pass the test.

Another thing you can do is get a second opinion on your driving skills by taking an assessment lesson with a different instructor, if the feedback to get is similiar to the recommendation from your normal ADI, then you do have some work to do before you should put yourself in for the DSA practical car test at any centre.
Many learner drivers are very quick to take advice from family members or friends when it comes to the test, but think about this, would these advisors of yours be able to pass the current driving test without taking any professional instruction?

An approved driving instructor has all the knowledge and driving skills to pass the test as required by a DSA examiner, so they are the best person able to let you know if you have reached the required standard, you should also make sure you have covered all the skills mentioned in the DSA drivers record available from the driving standards agency website.

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