10 reasons not passing driving test

Here are the top 10 reasons for failing to pass the driving test according to the DSA, the government appointed body responsible for conducting over 1.5M practical car driving tests each year with a failure rate of 60%. I have included some driving videos to help understand some of the skills expected by the examiner.

Observation at junctions, including roundabouts. Candidates fail to make effective observations and exercise good judgement especially when emerging at a T junction or crossing the path of oncoming cars either because they are in a hurry or feel pressurised by vehicles behind them.

Use of car mirrors. Not checking or failing to act on information provided by looking at mirrors, it is not just a matter of going through the motions of moving the head to please the DSA examiner, you need to react to what you see safely.

Reversing around a corner. This is one of the hardest driving test maneuvers, and ineffective observation during this set exercise or a lack of accuracy and good control of the car causes a lot of learner drivers not to pass the test at this point.

Incorrect use of signals The driver does not cancelling an indicator after use or more importantly giving out misleading signals on the driving test to other road users including pedestrians is another reason for failing.

Reverse parking exercise Ineffective observation in particular not looking behind through the rear windscreen (you can't reverse using the interior mirror) or lack of accuracy and control, usually hitting the kerb or going too fast.

Moving away safely Ineffective observation before moving off (a 6 point check will always avoid this), and because you will be asked to pull up on the left and then move away about 4 times during the driving test, you need to make this a habit starting with your driving lessons, otherwise you will be caught o
ut by the test examiner, and it is a stupid driving error to fail on!

Incorrect positioning on the road At roundabouts use the correct lane, obey road markings and stay in your lane while driving on dualcarriageways expescial on bends.

Lack of steering control Steering too early or too late, especially if you have the habit of crossing your hands is another reason for failing to pass the practical car driving assessment.

Incorrect positioning turning right At junctions, roundabouts and on one way streets, make sure you have the car in the correct position, don't cross the middle line in the road and don't cut the corner.

Inappropriate speed Many learner drivers fail the test for driving too slowly, and wonder why, when they think they are being safe! You can't of course pass the driving test if you break the speed limit.

Make sure none of the above driving errors is giving you any serious problems before booking your driving test, otherwise you will just be one of the 60% that does not pass the test.

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