DSA driving test examiner marking

You must concentrate on what you are doing during the practical car assessment if you want to pass the driving test.

Don't be bothered everytime the DSA examiner writes on his/her clipboard, even if you've made a mistake. It is more important that you deal with what is happening on the road, and how you are going to safely negotiate the situation, than wondering if that was a serious fault that the examiner has marked on the DL25 driving test report.

Sometimes the examiner might not be marking a fault, it might be a tick in a box to indicate which set exercise you just performed, a note of how many times you've been pulled over on the left (they usually do this 3 or 4 times and will put a mark on the sheet to keep tally).

Of course they will also write on the clipboard if you make a mistake, but sometimes it might not be immediately after as there might be other hazards which need to be dealt with so they would be watching to make sure they don't miss your reaction, and will make notes after the whole situation has passed, so don't think you got away for not signalling at the last junction just because the examiner didn't write on the test report immediately after.

Whatever the case, keep your mind on performing the driving skills to the best of your ability and at the DSA standard so you have a better chance of passing the driving test. You might be surprised that what you thought was a serious mistake was only a driver error and that you had succeeded!

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