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What is the best time to book the driving test is a very common question that I get asked all the time, so let's have a look at it, and see when is the best time that you have a greater chance of passing the driving test, first watch the video below:

It is important that you do not book the DSA practical car driving test until you have reached the required standard, and have fully covered all topics on the syllabus. An easy way of know this is using the DSA's driver record, you should be at a level 5 on most of the driver skills and definately a consistent 4 on all of them.
There should be nothing on the driving test that you should be hoping you don't get. Multi-Lane roundabouts, 70MPH dual carriageways, left reverse round the corner or emergency stop, you should be able to do them to the required standard, you don't have to like them, just be able to do them.

If there is anything you are having problems with, then practice or get your driving instructor/supervising driver to explain it to you, as this will greatly increase your confidence on the practical assessment, and reduce the effects of driving test nerves.

Time of the day for driving test

Most people will say don't book your driving test during rush hour, as you are more likely to fail due to the busier traffic conditions and the fact that people in a hurry can either cause you t make a serious driver error or do something which you might not be able to safely deal with.
If you book your driving test between 08:00, 09:00 or 9:30 then yes the roads would generally be busier, other road users would be less tolerant of learner drivers and you the test candidate will need to be more confident with your driving skills and decision making especially when emerging to turn right at a junction or at a roundabout, does this mean you have a lesser chance of passing the driving test? Not if you are fuly prepared, and have enough on the road experience via professional driving lessons of these conditions. Someone has to take their driving tests during rush hour!

Off Peak driving tests
Most people will try and book their driving test during a time when they think the roads will be quiet, hoping that traffic will be light and thus increase their chances of getting that full driving licence, but this not necessarily true as if you have problems dealing with the Swindon magic roundabout or Apex corner, then the time of the day will not make much difference as your confidence will go down immediately you get to the junction.
You will also have to be able to make quick progress off peak as road conditions will mean driving closer to speed limits especially on dual carriage which you are more likely to get if your test is not during rush hour.

So if you want to know the best time to book your driving test in order to pass, then you've got the answer.

Don't forget the highway code is the standard expected, so master it as it could save you from make a simple error that would result in failure, revise it when not taking practical lessons!

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